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Ridley Farm Studios

Ridley Farm Studios' branding, was centred around the wedge-tailed eagle crest matched with a classical style font brings a brand with heritage, creativity, and craftsmanship for this outstanding sound studio.
Ridley Farm Studios’ distinctive branding design features a captivating line illustration of a majestic wedge-tailed eagle, its wings gracefully outstretched. The choice of the wedge-tailed eagle, an emblem of strength and grace, encapsulates the studio’s commitment to producing music that soars to new heights.

The marine blue represents the boundless depth and creativity fostered within the studio, evoking the expansive nature of the artistic process. The subtle grey undertones complement the marine blue, adding a touch of sophistication and highlighting the precision inherent in Ridley Farm Studios’ commitment to sonic excellence. The detailed line illustration of the eagle captures the essence of precision and majesty, reflecting the studio’s dedication to meticulous sound engineering.

Complementing the illustration, a serif font has been thoughtfully incorporated, adding a touch of classic elegance to the logo. The serif font conveys a sense of tradition and timelessness, mirroring Ridley Farm Studios’ commitment to honouring the roots of music while continually pushing artistic boundaries. This choice of font adds a refined and sophisticated touch to the overall branding, symbolising the studio’s dedication to both timeless musical craftsmanship and the pursuit of innovative sonic experiences. The Ridley Farm Studios’ branding design is a visual symphony that harmonises strength, creativity, and tradition, signalling a commitment to producing music that transcends time.