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JNR Moto Sports

JNR's dynamic brand and packaging endeavours to capture the rapid energy and vibrancy within the motorbike culture.
JNR cover
The primary focus in crafting this logo was achieving a clean-cut simplicity, intending for it to evoke the swift blur of a motorbike in motion. The client’s specific request included incorporating bold typography and vibrant colours to ensure the logo’s versatility, capable of adorning a multitude of motorbike parts, varying in shapes and sizes.

Advancing the brand development for JNR, we seamlessly translated it onto their inaugural product and packaging, primed for its much-anticipated launch in November 2020. Collaborating across different states and with manufacturers overseas, we meticulously applied the brand, ensuring its strength and relevance—a design that could seamlessly extend to encompass their forthcoming product line. Witnessing the culmination of the brand and product launch marked an exhilarating milestone for the entire team.