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Avisure excels in providing comprehensive Wildlife Management solutions for the aviation industry, ensuring safety and ecological balance through their expert services and innovative approaches.

Safeskies Australia

A new branding and website design for Safeskies Australia, an independent not-for-profit organisation promoting aviation safety through safety education.

Kestrel Forging

Another ongoing collaboration with the team at Kestrel Forging creating their business branding, website and ongoing design projects from banners to sculpture designs.

Stress Science

The freedom and opportunity to design a logo from scratch is always exciting, and the development of the Stress Science brand lived up to that expectation.

Part 91 Guide

Create a new and easy to read interactive publication that outlines the new rules and regulations for flight operations in Australia.

Fatigue Guidelines

Layout and print design for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s fatigue guidelines.

Koru communication

A new branding and website design for Koru Communication, a niche communication agency.

Systemic Innovations

To create an engaging and fun brand that could be applied across the companies communication materials and products